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Barriers to Small Firm Growth

The objective of this project was to identify economic barriers to expansion of small firms and recommend specific policies to alleviate them. The goal was to provide more employment and incomes through the growth of small firms.
Undertaken by: Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi
Countries: Kenya
Project Director: Dr Dorothy McCormick
Year completed: 1996

Conference on Southern Africa and Eastern Asia: Experiences and Opportunities in Development (1995)

The primary objective of the conference was to facilitate development of an augmented national capacity and analysis of development policies and management problems. Specifically, the conference was intended to address the relevance of recent East Asian development experience to the contemporary circumstances of countries in Southern Africa. The sessions were organized around key questions on the lessons for Southern Africa from the Asian experience. In terms of follow-up actions, there was a call for broadened facilities for “networking” between East Asian and Southern African countries.
Undertaken by: Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA)
Countries: Botswana
Project Director: Dr Andrew Mullei and Dr Jan Isaksen
Year completed: 1995

Workshop on Africa and the World Bank (August 20-23 1995)

The workshop brought together lead experts from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia to contribute towards a World Bank report which sought to compare the development experiences of their countries, with a central focus on their partnership with the World Bank.
Undertaken by: The World Bank
Countries: Kenya
Project Director: Dr Andrew Mullei
Year completed: 1995

Second Biennial International Conference on African Economic Issues (October 11-14 1994)

The conference, whose theme was “Transformation and Development in Africa: Governance and Sustainability”, sought to learn useful lessons drawn from the experience of an overwhelming majority of the African countries that had undertaken a variety of economic adjustment programmes with varying degrees of success or failure.
Undertaken by: Eastern and Southern African Economic Association, West African Economic Association
Countries: Tanzania
Project Director: Prof. Sam Wangwe
Year completed: 1994

Policies for Export Promotion and Growth: Asian and African Experiences (March 08, 1994)

The conference sought to share the experience of the export promotion in Asia so that participants could learn useful lessons drawn from the experience of the Asian countries.
Undertaken by: Export Processing Zones Authority
Countries: Kenya
Project Director: Mr Silas Ita
Year completed: 1994

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